Want a Swiss Army Knife for a particular activity or person? Here are our top picks.

Best Swiss Army Knife for Kids

There are two Swiss Army Knives that are designed for kids. For safety, their blade has a rounded tip, but the blade is still sharp. You can make your own kid’s Swiss Army Knife by taking any normal SAK and rounding out the blade’s tip on a stone.

Chances are, your kid will still end up cutting himself if you get him one of these knives, or any knife. So decide based on the maturity of your child and your philosophy of parenting. And teach him how to open, close and use the knife safely.

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Best Swiss Army Knife for EDC and Survival

EDC (Every Day Carry) is a concept or philosophy that is popular within prepper and survivalist circles. But you don’t need to be a hardcore prepper to think about EDC. EDC is for everyone.

The idea is to have a minimal set of tools in your pocket or in your bag, with you all the time. When an emergency strikes, you often have to run with what you have on you. You won’t have time to go to your desk or vehicle to get equipment.

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Best Swiss Army Knife for Camping, Backpacking and Hiking

For outdoors use, you’re going to want a wood saw. Even if you don’t plan on sawing any wood, in an emergency situation you might want to cut some branches for firewood or to make a shelter. The good news is that many Swiss Army Knives have a wood saw.

You’ll also want a sharp blade to make feather sticks for starting a fire. Which means almost any Swiss Army Knife.

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Best Swiss Army Knife for Fishing

The defining tool for fishing is the fish scaler (a blunt wavy “saw”) for removing fish scales). It has a fish hook disgorger (a notch at the end of the fish scaler) for removing fish hooks that are stuck inside a fish’s mouth.

There are 2 Swiss Army Knives that are designed for fisherman, the Angler and The Fisherman.

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