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What tools would you want for a camping Swiss Army Knife?

  • For outdoors use, you’re going to want a wood saw. Even if you don’t plan on sawing any wood, in an emergency situation you might want to cut some branches for firewood or to make a shelter. The good news is that many Swiss Army Knives have a wood saw.
  • A sharp blade to make feather sticks for starting a fire.
  • A can opener for opening canned food, unless you’re an ultralight backpacker.
  • A flat head and Phillips screwdriver for fixing any equipment you carry.
  • Tweezers for removing splinters.

And that’s it. The tools mentioned above are found in many SAKs, giving lots of models to choose from. The Walker is one of the lightest SAKs that has all of these tools. You could also go for the Farmer, Camper, Hiker, Fieldmaster, Ranger, and many others.

You could also step up in size to one of the 111mm models – the One-hand Trekker or the German Army or Soldier variants. The larger size makes the saw more functional.

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However backpacking could mean urban travel. In that case a wood saw is not as important. If you are travelling overseas you might want to choose a bladeless model to avoid legal problems. Be warned that airport security has been known to confiscate even bladeless Swiss Army Knives.

Enter the Jetsetter. There’s a small pair of scissors, tweezers and toothpick. With a combination tool comprising Phillips screwdriver, bottle opener and wire stripper. No blade.