EDC (Every Day Carry) is a concept or philosophy that is popular within prepper and survivalist circles. But you don’t need to be a hardcore prepper to think about EDC. EDC is for everyone.

The idea is to have a minimal set of tools in your pocket or in your bag, with you all the time. When an emergency strikes, you often have to run with what you have on you. You won’t have time to go to your desk or vehicle to get equipment.

Aside from emergencies, having an EDC kit also allows you to deal with life’s little tasks and annoyances. Cutting open packages, tightening screws, opening beer bottles.

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The key things to realize about EDC are:

  • Your multitool should be small and light enough for you to actually carry.
  • Your EDC should be customized to suit your environment, job and transportation – urban/outdoors, cold/hot climate, mechanical/electronics profession, bicycle/motorcycle/car/bus/train.
  • There are multiple levels of EDC, and a multitool for each level. In your pocket, in your bag, in your vehicle.
  • Your multitool doesn’t need to have every single tool you need. You can add individual tools separately.

With this in mind, our EDC recommendations are the same as those on the home page of this website.

Remember, you don’t need to fit everything¬†into your multitool. You can add tools to your keychain. The photo below shows –

Top row, left to right:

  • Nitecore Tube USB rechargeable flashlight.
  • Mini disposable lighter.
  • USB thumdrive.
  • Fiskars folding scissors.
  • Whistle.
  • Magnetic compass.
  • Coin/pill box.
  • USB cord.

Bottom row, left to right:

  • Diamond file.
  • Magnifying glass.
  • Mini pocket adjustable wrench.
  • Measuring tape.
  • Nail clippers.
  • 1/4 inch hex bits.
  • Lansky pocket knife sharpener.

Nylon zip ties have been used to fix keyrings to items that don’t come with lanyard holes.

Keychain Gadgets for EDC
Keychain Gadgets for EDC