The defining tool for fishing is the fish scaler (a blunt wavy “saw”) for removing fish scales). It has a fish hook disgorger (a notch at the end of the fish scaler) for removing fish hooks that are stuck inside a fish’s mouth.

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There are 2 Swiss Army Knives that are designed for fisherman, the Angler and The Fisherman.

The Angler and the Fisherman are almost the same. The main difference is that the Angler has a pair of pliers while the Fisherman has a pair of scissors. The Angler also has a corkscrew versus the Fisherman’s parcel hook and Phillips screwdriver.

All things considered, the pliers seem more useful than scissors. There’s a wire-cutter built into the side of the pliers, which is useful for cutting off the barb of the fish hook (it is sometimes easier to remove a fish hook by pushing it forward through the flesh, then cutting the barb off).

The Swisschamp also has a fish scaler. As does the Evolution 28, Evolution S54 and Evogrip S54 (previously Wenger, now renamed Victorinox). These are large everything-but-the-kitchen-sink models. If you want a SAK for more than fishing and are willing to carry the extra weight, these are worth considering. However remember that cleaning fish is a dirty business and more tools means these multitools are harder to wash clean.